CosMedix skin care products

2 06 2009


Salon bailey’s is pleased to introduce Esthetician Samantha Edwards to our team!  Samantha is a self-proclaimed “brow waxing queen” and specializes in facials, natural chemical peels, make-up and skin care education.  Schedule your free consultation with Samantha today!

Samantha and Salon bailey’s offer CosMedix skin care products:

Try to put your right hand into a glove made for your left hand. It has a place for four fingers and a thumb, but because your hands are mirror images of each other, you have to have the right glove for a perfect fit. Each of nature’s building blocks is like your hands in that they are made up of two forms of the same molecule a left hand and a right hand. Scientists have discovered that each of these mirror image molecules has different properties, some harmful and ineffective, some beneficial to the human body. Chirally corrected molecules produce only the positive effects of each ingredient, dramatically reducing the possibility of an allergic or adverse reaction. This purification process is the basis of our skin care and cosmetic line.

Because of the high cost of chiral correction, most popular brands of cosmetics and skin care do not purify their ingredients. Unfortunately, when the harmful molecules are left intact to cause irritation and inflammation, your skin will begin to show signs of aging prematurely. CosMedix ingredients are purified to their most natural, potent form, resulting in optimum effectiveness.

Now your skin can enjoy the impressive results afforded by CosMedix chirally corrected, natural ingredients. No longer do you have to harm your skin with harsh acids and irritating products. Instead, your skin will absorb the soothing, calming effects of nourishment as nature intended. Let your skin look and feel its best with CosMedix.




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