Goldwell is, and will always be, a brand exclusively dedicated to serving the hairdressing community with professional-only products, services, education and tools designed to deliver exceptional value and results to salons, stylists and, ultimately, their clients.  As the Goldwell motto clearly states, we continually strive to be “Closer to Stylists. Closer to Hair.

Through innovative technologies, superior formulas and unsurpassed results, Goldwell is already the brand of choice to many discerning stylists and creative colorists across North America.  While Goldwell is best known for amazing hair color, we also offer an assortment of premium hair care and styling products to help you maintain ultimate style, condition and color perfection.

Color, tone or highlight: With a complete assortment of color products, the stylist can provide an individualized color service.  All Goldwell color products feature innovative technologies which ensure perfect color results without compromising care.


Salon bailey’s uses KEVIN.MURPHY hair products. All KEVIN.MURPHY products are Paraben free and Sulphate free. These products contain essential oils that are naturally superior to man-made substances. They act as bio-catalysts, performing natural regenerative, moisturising and strengthening functions.

The KEVIN.MURPHY range is based upon the “no worries” Australian philosophy. Australian culture is relaxed, natural and cool and this is reflected in the product range and packaging.

KEVIN.MURPHY products give life to hair through the use of high levels of natural ingredients and essential oils that treat the hair and spirit during use.

Hair styles are created with weightless hold, meaning that the hair looks natural, product free, is never crunchy and can be brushed or combed with ease. Styles can be re-dressed throughout the day without the need for washing.

WASHES – KEVIN.MURPHY washes are sulphate and paraben free, meaning that they are gentle on the hair and scalp. For unbelievable results and beautiful healthy hair, Salon bailey’s will choose the shampoo to suit your hair type.

RINSES – KEVIN.MURPHY rinses are paraben free, so no nasties here. For the best results, Salon bailey’s will choose the conditioner that most suits your hair type.

TREATMENT – BORN.AGAIN is the centerpiece of the KEVIN.MURPHY range. It is a unique product that contains ingredients that are so small in their molecular size and weight, they can pass into the cortex of the hair instantly. These treatments are suited to all hair types so indulge and bring your hair back to life.

STYLING – Kevin Murphy has spent two decades doing and re-doing hair for photo shoots and catwalk shows. “After styling models’ hair, over and over again, it becomes heavy and therefore hard to style,, which, when you are a perfectionist like me, is extremely frustrating. I was constantly looking for invisible styling products that gave great hold but did not weigh down the hair. After years of not being able fulfil my needs, it dawned on me that there was no choice other than to create my own line of products.”

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